2D: Thumbnail practice

Today we worked on some thumbnail sketches for our assignment, expanding on the story board. The main idea is to get some of the main poses/gestures that will stand out in the animation, such as taking a heavy step or throwing a ball.

I started off drawing with some more detailed poses (mostly because I only had a biro pen and I was afraid of making mistakes). The next set of drawings I felt made better thumbnail sketches as they focused more on some of the key movements and gestures I wanted my character to have (not including the cat). I really want to put emphasis on the heavy floppiness of the cat and how he keeps slipping from the boy’s grasp.





Trevor also taught us some more about traditional animation and the use of dope sheets / timing. Using a dope sheet and identifying the key poses of an animation helps larger teams of animators to work on the same project. There are some cons, such as perhaps having a less free animation style which you can more easily achieve with straight ahead drawing. However I think key poses help to create more fluid, consistent exaggerated motion.

Update 04/11/2015

Completed the missing sketches to finish the story.



Industry terms:
24fps = ones
12fps = twos

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