Modelling Faces (part 2)

A continuation from a previous post: Modelling Faces (part 1)


Today I fancied practicing a bit more with cartoony faces. This one I did by eye using ‘Felix Jr.’ (from Wreck-It Ralph) as my reference, getting the same rounded cheeks, straight eyebrows and big button nose. If I knew how to, I would have added some redness to his nose/ears etc to get a nicer skin tone.

It has occurred to me though that I should probably start doing more sketches/paints before building a character out of no where.


Notes: Missing back of head/hair, missing eyelashes…  Added more lines leading towards corner of lips.
Not quite sure how eyebrows are supposed to be modeled…


Modeled more of the torso/arms, and played a bit with blend shaping his face. The eyes are oval shaped so they don’t rotate properly. I tried putting the eye into two groups, 1 group to rotate, 1 group to squash, but it did not work as expected. Will have to look into this later.


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