2D: Lipsync Animatic

I created the soundtrack today!

I recorded myself singing and playing a bit of ukulele, it was a bit troublesome though. I had to record the ukulele then lower the pitch (since it was far too high for me to sing). Then I recorded my voice. Then after merging the two tracks together, I raised the pitch back up so that it would sound more like a little girl character.

This is a draft animatic I put together for the track, just to visualise if it works. (I also added in some vinyl sound effects just to ‘fill in’ the intro with something interesting. It ended up making a nice simple title sequence).

PS: Prepare yourself for awful singing.

I wanted to portray three stages of ’emotion’.

  1. ‘Put on the spot’ and focusing at the start, rehearsing lines and being plain focused.
  2. She gets a little bit more expressive and confident, moving her arms and making gestures
  3. Getting nervous/unsure and a bit embarrassed towards the end.

And here are some character sketches and possible mouth shapes. I drew this character based on the soundtrack and re-used the same yellow shirt colour from my previous designs, since it looks so warm and bubbly. I’m still thinking of ways to make her look more unique and iconic, but I am pretty happy with this so far.



Made a quick draft of the lip sync to get some timing down and play with possible mouth shapes. This doesn’t include the head movement I wanted to include but she won’t be moving around too much… just a little. This will help me plan out the final line work timing.

Some words I am struggling on particularly:

  • Thursday (‘Th’ is a hard one to draw)
  • ‘Care about you’ with a smile
  • The ‘L’ sound in ‘Love’

And here I’ve included my schedule/plan for completing all 2D work before the deadline. I travel to Hong Kong on the 29th which is probably a good thing so I can concentrate on work without family distraction 😛

24th of December is my ‘Mayday’ deadline where I must be 100% done and dusted with line art.2d-time-plan


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