3D: Push Pull Lift Throw

For part of this assignment, we have to animate a character doing some motions such as push, pull, lift and throw. As suggested, I started with doing some sketches and looking at references to get a feel for these movements.

I also tried acting them out (but I’m not going to post that here xD)

First Sketches (Lift Throw)



I wanted to really push the silhouette, so I started working from side view and seeing what body shapes I could create and exaggerate. Finding the centre of balance is also something to keep in mind.



I felt like these sketches were really weak and did not really look closely enough at weight movement / momentum etc.

Alternative video references:

Brian Lemay does a 3 part video on animating a heavy lift which is full of really good info, I recommend watching it just to see how it is acted out.

A nice reference done by presumably another animation student.

Another good video:

Poor video quality but shows some ways of throwing a heavy object:

Another kind of explosive throw with a shot-put with a commentator on the movement.

Sketch Development

Acting the movement out and looking at references has really helped break down the motion in my next sketches, as you can see there is much more detail and attention to the spine shape, centre of balance and follow through actions. I was particularly inspired by the discus kind of swinging-spin throw. Here I managed to get several kinds of lifts and throw-off motions to play with.





Initial Sketches

Same exercise as the lift and throw, I thought it would be interesting to compare the before and after reference drawings. I have to admit by this point I was getting real tired of drawing. Actually found this more of an interesting experiment in seeing how much I can force myself to draw when I don’t feel like it.

sketch-10 sketch-9

References for Push / Pull

I found this one really funny to watch 😀 way better acting than I tried.

There are actually a ton of pushing animation references on YouTube – It’s interesting to compare the less convincing actors with the better acted ones, it shows a difference in what makes a really convincing ‘push’. I chose this video to show because she showed a wider range of poses  and some ‘resting’ poses in between as well.

Sketch Development





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