3D: Walk Cycle

I thought about the types of emotions I wanted to try animating and did a quick sketch to explore the idea further. The keywords here helped me to visualize more unique/specific walks, because just saying ‘Happy’ for example could mean so many things…

  • –Playful, Skipping, Childish, Bouncy
  • –Stern, Uptight, Posh, Slink
  • –Smug, Confident, Show-off, Strut
  • –Furious, Angry, Stomp
  • –Sad, Weary, Slump



I looked up a bunch of references but I’ll just post my favourite 3 here:

A useful playlist for animation reference:

Ricky K Comedian from Britain’s Got Talent – really good at portraying emotions within a split second, he also has quite some funny/happy walks in this.

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks (Not realistic but hilariously inventive and still informative)

Then I took some references of my own (they aren’t amazing because there isn’t much space in my flat. Ideally, I would have someone to help film me in a larger setting – or find someone else to act it out). Despite these restrictions, I still find it really useful to ‘act’ it out to get a really good idea of the movement in my mind. I’ve included some of the poses I captured here in silhouette form. I think the silhouette helps to really boil down whether you can tell the emotion straight away or not. (I should’ve worn some long sleeves to show the arms better though).


Sketch development



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