2D: Final Submissions

Final Submissions for 2D projects.

Unrequited Love – The Little Robot

I cut out a lot of elements which I wanted to include (panning in the room scene, some extra lines) – the sound is also a little slapdash as I tried to work something out – It’s definitely far from perfect but I think it’s better than the first few I created which were too noisy and cluttered. Although I’m not 100% happy with the outcome here, I think I learned a lot during the pre-production process, trying to mesh different things together and coming up with new storyboards and trying out sound production, it was a bit of a mess but fun to experiment.

Voices by myself (pitched lower) and my brother who did the ‘hu-hu-hu’ noise and the robot voice as well.

All other sound effects taken from freesound.org

Lyric Lip sync – Friday

The sound was quick to come up with for this project so it made the animation process smoother. I think if I had a bit more time I could’ve done a cleaner animation with some chin movement to go with the lip sync.

Ukulele and singing done by myself.

All other sound effects taken from freesound.org

Lyrics by The Cure.


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