2D: Soundtrack notes

Start of a new project where we have to select a soundtrack and make an animation inspired by it – the soundtracks are for creative commons use. This lesson we listen to the tracks and make some notes on what comes to mind/which tracks we prefer to use etc.


1 – Epic sounding, cinematic.

2- Softer build up, orchestral, long notes, solemn, harmonious

3- Soft piano, sad, touching, uplifting, emotional

4- Upbeat strumming and tambourine, joyful

5- Another jolly upbeat tune, commercial like, holiday

6- Piano melody

7- Piano melody with high notes/twinkling, gothic-ish

8- Electronic, eclectic, textural, distinctive beat

9- Synths, build up/layers, atmospheric

10- Piano melody, slow

11- Drumroll start, tense, medieval sounding

12- Synth beat, pop, cabasa/maracas sound

13- Echo, spacey, factory, drum beat

14- Synthy/Twangy, drum beat (sounds like Darren Hayes)

15- Light twinkly piano with heavier bass beat underneath

16- Piano opening, forest like, minimalist

17- Chirpy, interesting beat/noises, electronic piano synth/game-like

18- Soft beat bass, catchy, twinkly synth, romantic/first love

19- Ethereal female voice, cinematic, LOTR/enya

20- Oriental sounding, cinematic

21- Synth, pop, upbeat, summery

Examples: https://vimeo.com/channels/animatedmusic

Next Monday: Present concept ideas for music tracks I have chosen.

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