3D Lip Sync Intro

Today we start a new project for lip syncing in 3D. We have a choice from 4 poems to do.

  • 2D effects allowed
  • Use a different character design, find something new to show
  • Refine caricature design (doesn’t have to be used for lip sync)
  • Any voice allowed
  • Completely free style/decision up to us
  • As long as you tell a story (Poem)
  • Read the books

lemon, cotton, sb,

Previous 3D work feedback:

Build up more anticipation – start position can be better (not just from standing pose), extend arms out more, head up or down with arch of back. More jerky actions needed. Check line of action more.

Current lesson:

  • Set preferred angle (IK)
  • Freeze transformations/delete history for control
  • Foot control > Modify¬†> add Attribute¬†> FK/IK_switch > 0 & 5
  • Make 3 sets of leg skeleton > 1 fk, 1 ik that will drive the original > select hip_ik to hip and then constrain ORIENT (not parent), do it with each leg part > repeat with fk > set fk constraint to 0 on original >
  • Set driven Key . select driver (circle for instance) and set driven to constraints > 0/1 set key, 1/0 set key
  • Create IK Spline handle (top to bottom of spine) and use control vertex with clusters and link clusters to control objects.
  • Have a set up that works for you and is what you need.

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