2D: Seeing Sound (Research)

As I mentioned in my sound post, I felt an ‘underwater’ kind of theme to the music so my first research revolved around this. However, I didn’t feel it was very inspiring and it didn’t really express anything that I could feel from the music. However I did like the flow/depth of colours that you could get from the water and ocean.

I decided to go down a different route.

Pinterest board 2

Quite the opposite from underwater, I wanted to go with the idea of birds to accompany the music edits I made (adding bird sound effects). I liked how the music combined with these images because it adds to the ephemeral feeling. Partially empty, partially hopefully, airy, solemn, uplifting, etc. I also added images that inspired me for colour, muted shades and bright glowing oranges (like sunrises), as well as just plain black/white or muted greys to emphasise the light.

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These were my main inspirational images:

Main inspirations

Diving into research, I looked into the movement of birds by watching videos on youtube, including Disney animated birds / live bird footage.


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