2D: Seeing Sound (Sound)

For this project I was given track number 2, Shop by Maciej Kulesza & Ela Mazurkiewicz.

My initial impression was how emotional and atmospheric it sounded. It also seemed sad/nostalgic and full of hope and emptiness. At first I thought it would fit an underwater theme, so I tried combining the soundtrack with the sound effect of rain and splashing water. Although this (in my opinion) made a good combination, I experimented with adding bird sounds and felt that it helped emphasize the emotions/airiness/sadness of the track.

As part of my experiment, I also tried adding ‘rhythm’ to it through the software Reason (sound editing), although I liked the effects that came out I felt it destroyed too much of the original feeling of the track.

The final Mix version 3 with the bird sounds will be the one I will use, although most likely I will move the bird sounds around a bit and remove the remaining ‘water’ splash sound effects.

Free sound effects were taken from freesounds.org

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